Great White Shark Expeditions to the Farallon Islands off of San Francisco
"Venture Ye not to the edge of the chart,
for here there be Monsters." ~ Ancient Map
Private charters are available for groups of family and friends, clients & media professionals; bring employees out to the Farallons for the ultimate corporate offsite floating around the shark-infested waters of the Farallon Islands.

Smaller groups may charter a Six Pack boat, with larger options required for 7 guests or more.

Reservations require a credit card and/or deposit.

Please be certain that you are ready to make a firm reservation.

Because we have a limited season, there are no cancellations for anything but bad weather or minimum numbers. Changing a date may be possible, and is based on availability.

Prime dates including Saturday, Sundays and major holidays are always in demand, often booked a year in advance by regular guests.

We have guests who have tried for years, with each date cancelled by small craft warnings. It helps if you are prepared to come running for good weather opportunities, and last minute cancellations followed by a reversal of ocean conditions (which does happen).

There is no cost if WE cancel - and no rain checks to penalize out of town visitors. Deposits, if charged, will be refunded; or you may apply them to a future expedition if one is available for your schedule.

NOTE: - Due to intensive efforts required to combine multiple unrelated parties, often far in advance of the reservation date, refunds are not allowed for cancellations by any party to ensure that remaining guests are not penalized. With enough notice, we will always try to find one or more guests to offset losses, but cancelling parties should not expect any refund.

To clarify, if we have a group of two that cancel, we might find several groups of three or more for that date, putting us over the limit for this boat. The original group of four takes precedent, even if we have a group of six that could take the boat.

We have a lot of guests wanting to go... If we get lucky and find a full replacement group for your cancelled reservation, we will apply the credit for a future trip (through the following season).

If this policy for shared six passenger charters is not acceptable to you and your guests, please consider a private charter. Most guests in this situation can find a couple more friends to fill the boat (easier than we can).


Six Pack boats are available for a flat fee of $PENDING.

  • Charter the boat Privately
  • Charter the boat, and have us TRY to get someone to join you to share the cost
    • You want the boat, even if we cannot match your available space
      • We have lots of others wanting to go. We'll try to get others, without going over a total of 6
  • Sign up with us required to find someone to share the expense
    • You cannot go unless the full cost of the charter is covered
      • Nonrefundable Payments in Advance will be required to ensure all parties are covered in the event of someone cancelling

Larger Boats accommodate Private Charters for groups of 7 or more, with minimums and volume discounts based on specific boat capacities.

Private tours can be something very special for families, friends, schools and corporate groups.

Have a party during a fantastic Farallon Islands nature tour.




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