Great White Shark Expeditions to the Farallon Islands off of San Francisco
"Venture Ye not to the edge of the chart,
for here there be Monsters." ~ Ancient Map
Great White Shark Expeditions are an incredible adventure to a bunch of rocks about thirty miles from the San Mateo, San Francisco and Marin County coasts.

The Continental Shelf and open ocean are just past the Farallon Islands. This archipelago rises above a giant underwater canyon, rivaling the Grand Canyon, carved by the Sacramento River where it flowed through the Golden Gate for millions of years.

San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento Valley and Gold Country in the Sierras all help create the weather of the Farallon Islands.

Late summer and autumn have always had the best weather for the islands and the Bay Area.

What we consider "Bad Weather" may, in fact, be a beautiful day onshore or off. But its the wind that makes for poor conditions for viewing nature.

If we cancel a trip due to weather, there is no cost. Deposits, if charged will be refunded or applied to a future trip if it is available for your schedule.


We have a high standard for weather.

Weather systems most often keep the marine layer (low cold clouds) far offshore during shark season.

The ocean can change on short notice, and the wind never fails to blow when two weather system collide close to land.

That can make it cold or maybe a little wet, or difficult to see a whale let alone a shark.

However, each day is different.

There is always an area to watch sharks where the island is blocking the wind and waves from the open ocean. It may be a little larger or smaller each day, with plenty of room to watch seals passing through.

The Farallon Islands are worth a visit even in the roughest of weather.

When working, a camera on top of the Farallon lighthouse provides a great live view. You can see what it looks like out at the islands, though its nothing like being there.

Sea lions and giant elephant seals move fast through the waves. Birds are in every direction.

A great white's ferocious attack is unmistakable in any water conditions.

And, the strongest weather might provide the most visual experience, especially for fine art nature photographers.





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